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People Who Inspire Us - Series

Posted by Lily and Toni Perez on

Let us introduce you to this fearless, uplifting and bold world changer.  Esprit Tafelski is a young missionary currently serving in Tanzania Africa... actually, this is her 3rd mission trip to Tanzania.  We have known Esprit for over a decade and have witnessed her grow up to become this leader, lover of people and Jesus Christ follower.  She is unshakable in doing her Father's work, plus she exercises her gift of writing for His glory.  So we are excited to share them with you and just a few pictures of her work in the field.  For more inspiration and pictures, click on her name above to follow along.  Be ready to be inspired!!

You can get more information and ways in which to partner with Esprit at Touching Nations Today Organization

"I never imagined I'd end up here. I never planned it, never pursued it...all I did was let go of the reins that controlled my life. I told God he could take control...and what a whirlwind I've been in since. What an adventure. What a challenge. But no matter what the road looks like ahead or behind me, I know Christ is my strength. With him I can take on the life that he's called me into. "Oh God, strengthen my hands." Nehemiah 6:9. I am quite literally finding my life AS I'm laying it down." 

"I always wanted to be something. I desired for people to admire my writing. I wanted to be a Princess at Disney world. I wanted to be a great singer. And I wanted to love Jesus and share his love somehow. Never did I imagine that I'd end up sitting in a crowd of little Maasai girls, who would lovingly stroke and stare with wide eyes at my white arms, as if I was some princess in their eyes (they had never touched white skin before)! They were the real princesses. Never did I imagine that I'd sing at the top of my lungs with those same girls and not care how I sounded, out in the middle of nowhere! I got to hug them and love them like Jesus. Hold their hands and laugh with them, as I know Jesus would do. And here I am, writing about it. So I guess dreams do come true, they just happen differently then the way we play it out in our mind." 

I didn't know the Maasai even existed until two years ago. Now I can't imagine life without them. They have taught me so much, they have shown me life through their eyes and there's no going back now. I can't unsee them. I can't forget them. I can't pretend they don't exist. I see life differently now because of them, and I know that sounds corny... but come on. The jewelry, the robes, the colors, the weapons, the warrior paint... things I never thought beautiful before are now the prettiest things I have ever seen. I see heaven in a totally different light now. And my favorite thing ever is knowing that every nation, every tongue, and every TRIBE is called to be children of God! Haha I have the most beautiful brothers and sisters in the Lord! And to think...I didn't even know they existed..." 

"This girl is one of those that I know I will never forget. I visited an orphanage recently with my team and I noticed this girl sitting all alone. I asked one of the workers about her and they told me that her name is Pauline, and she had been physically abused growing up. They said that she is super smart and some days she doesn't stop talking and laughing! But because of the trauma she has experienced in her life, she sometimes retreats inside of herself and doesn't talk to anyone - she sits alone and hides from people. While I was there, she was sitting alone, hiding within herself. I saw her hands were shaking, and she sat deep in thought all alone while other kids from the orphanage ran around her. It felt like God suddenly put a spotlight on her, and I knew that He wanted me to sit with her and just BE with her in whatever was going on in her head. So I awkwardly, gracelessly, sat beside her. And let me tell you... I came over to love on this beautiful girl, but instead she ministered to me! As I sat, I offered her my hand and she eagerly took it. We sat in silence for a long time, but the longer I sat there, the closer she leaned into me. She laid her head on my shoulder, saying nothing, then she would lift her head and look directly into my eyes (uncomfortably close) and she would smile and lay her head back down. I cried in these moments... not because I felt overwhelmed with sorrow or anything, but because I felt so honored to be the shoulder this child could lean on. For a moment I felt the warmth that I imagine God must feel when His child finally leans in to trust and accept him. I kept thinking, "Why me? Why are you entrusting the love of this child to me?" It was a humbling yet beautiful moment...that I wish would have lasted forever. Lord, I pray you continually touch this beautiful daughter of yours, and I pray she hears your voice louder than the voices of her past! And I pray that you would heal her mind and body from everything she has seen or experienced. You are a good Father!" 

There are moments I feel unworthy. How can these people accept me (and my team) into their village so eagerly? How are their hearts so open, kind, and welcoming when no one has ever shown them these traits? They live in a place that has not always known peace; in fact, peace is new to this area. One thing pulls them toward us, and it has nothing to do with anything that we've done. I must believe that the only reason I am warmly welcomed into an unknown village, such as this one, is because of the breathing, BECKONING Spirit of the living God inside of me. The warmth and kindness I receive from these people is not actually for me. I receive this welcome because of the One that lives in me, and their hunger for HIM! And THAT blows me away."

'People may not always see your hard work, Maasai Mama, but you are seen by a mighty God. You've never been forgotten, you've never been invisible! God bless this people group that calls me family ❤️'"

"There's no fear in love!❤️"

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